Ceramic Face Candle-Ecru

AED 84

Smells like a night in.

Here to look good and help you get into your zen zone, the Ceramic Face Candle subtly smiles back at you while you try and take a night off. Paired with a glass of your fav beveragino and you've got your night sorted!


- Soy wax
- Burn time is 40 Hours (YES, 40!)
- Candle weight is 445g
- Various scents available

Scents: Sparkle Bellini (AKA fruity and yum)

- Trim wick to 0.6cm before lighting
- Burn on a heat resistant surface only
- Wipe clean with damp cloth only

Composition: 50% Ceramic, 45% Wax, 5% Cotton

Dimensions: 20cmW x 8cmH x 6cmD